You say you like to work with creative people. How do I know if you’re the right therapist for me?
I work with most individuals over the age of 21. I welcome people of all races, ethnicities, religious beliefs, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and body types. In general, I don’t work with people who are mandated to attend therapy as the result of a court order or who are struggling with an active substance abuse issue. The best way to know if we’re a good therapeutic ‘fit’ is to give me a call so we can talk briefly and perhaps schedule an initial visit.  I’ll be glad to answer all of your questions about the process. 
How long is this work going to take?
It’s impossible for me to give you a specific answer to this question. My goal is to support your independence in the ways that make the most sense for you.  I’m wary of any kind of therapy that promises a ‘quick fix’. Human beings are complicated and the issues you bring into counseling may be deeply embedded in your personal history. Some problems can be resolved in just a few sessions; many cannot.
What are some of the benefits of counseling?
People who do well in therapy report that they feel more powerful, independent, active and emotionally balanced. They also experience greater self-awareness and have deeper and more rewarding relationships with others.
How often will we meet and how long are the sessions?
For most people, weekly sessions seem to work best. Sessions are 50-55 minutes in length.
Where can I meet with you?
Right now I’m only seeing clients virtually. 
What are your office hours?
Generally, Tuesday – Saturday, 10AM to 6PM.
What’s your theoretical orientation?
If you’re asking this question I imagine that you’ve had experience with certain therapeutic frameworks that either do or don’t appeal to you. I favor a depth orientation over a strictly behavioral one, because it has been shown that lasting change (what we call “2nd order change”) only occurs when emotions are activated and processed. I am client-centered, which means that I strive to “meet you wherever you are” and psychodynamic, which means that I pay attention to patterns, relationships, and the mental/emotional/behavioral processes that lie outside of our conscious awareness.
Have you written anything I can check out to learn more about your work?
Why yes, yes I have. Please visit my Writing page.
Do you do Christian counseling?
I’m not trained as a pastoral counselor and I don’t work within any particular spiritual framework. One of the fundamental ethical guidelines of the counseling profession is that we don’t impose our personal value systems on our clients. I strongly support and adhere to that guideline in my work.
How much is this going to cost me?
My self-pay fee is $150 per session. If that doesn’t work for you, let’s talk about it. I accept payment by cash, check or debit/credit card.
Do you accept insurance?
Yes, I accept most Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans.
What do I do if I have some questions that you don’t answer here?
Please call or email and I’ll do the best I can to answer them.

Ready to get some help? Get in touch.