I’m a licensed psychotherapist with offices in downtown Chicago, Hyde Park and Oak Park. I became a mental health counselor after enjoying a long career as a professional musician and teacher. I wanted to find a way to engage with people in a direct and meaningful way. I earned a master’s degree in counseling from Northeastern Illinois University and am now employed by The Claret Center. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can download my bio here.


As a psychotherapist I’m able to put to use some of the skills I developed as an artist: I know how to listen carefully to your story, how to work collaboratively with you, and how to apply theoretical knowledge in a creative way that addresses your particular needs at this time. I’ve published a few articles on this topic – please click here to read more.


I have a strong commitment to social justice in my therapy practice. I welcome individuals of all races, ethnicities, religious beliefs, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities and body types. I also set aside time in my schedule to see some patients on a low-fee basis.


For further information or to schedule an initial visit, contact me.